Karabiner does not work completely. What should I do?

Please try the following procedures.

  1. Repair permissions by Disk Utility.
  2. Uninstall third vendor's keyboard drivers such as a keyboard driver of Microsoft if you've installed them.
  3. Reinstall Karabiner.
  4. Restart macOS.
  5. Launch Karabiner manually.
  6. Please contact me with log messages (see below steps) if your problem has not resolved by above procedures.

How to check the log message

  1. Launch Console app from the "Launch Console.app" button.

  2. You can see system log messages.
    Please select lines and then copy and paste them.

Karabiner does not work on keyboards of Logitech, Microsoft. What should I do?

If you are using third vendor's keyboard drivers, Karabiner may not work properly.
Please uninstall third vendor's keyboard drivers.

A combination of "left command key" + "right command key" + "n key" does not work. Why?

Apple keyboard is 2-key rollover in order to reduce the cost.
Therefore, the keyboard hardware cannot recognize some key combinations of 3 or more keys.

A combination of "left command key" + "right command key" + "n key" is one of them.

This is a limitation of the hardware, so we cannot use these key combinations. Please use other key combinations.

Swipe gesture in Safari does not work properly when I activated "simultaneous key presses remapping". What should I do?

Please activate "General > Don't remap Apple's pointing devices".

"Simultaneous key presses remapping" brings a delay into keyboard and pointing device events to detect simultaneous presses. And this delay breaks some gestures unfortunately.

This setting disables a delay of pointing device events and solves this gesture issue.

How to exchange caps lock key and delete key?

You need to use Seil to change the behavior of caps lock key.

If you want to exchange caps lock key and other key, you must have a knack. Please follow this steps.

  1. Install Karabiner and Seil.
  2. Change keycode of caps lock to 110 on Seil.
  3. Open "System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys..." and change caps lock configuration to "No Action".
  4. Activate "Application Key to Delete" on Karabiner.
  5. Activate "Delete to CapsLock" on Karabiner.

How to exchange caps lock key and escape key?

Basically, it is same as the above procedure. Please note the following points.

  1. Do not change the key code of caps lock on Seil. Keep 110.
  2. You need "No Action" configuration.
  3. Change "Application Key to Delete" to "Application Key to Escape".
  4. Change "Delete to CapsLock" to "Escape to CapsLock".

How do I swap Caps Lock with Left Control, retaining Right Control?

Basically, it is same as the above procedure.

  1. Install Karabiner and Seil.
  2. Change keycode of caps lock to 59 (left control) on Seil.
  3. Change keycode of Control_L to 110 (application key) on Seil.
  4. Open "System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys..." and change caps lock configuration to "No Action”.
  5. Activate "Application Key to CapsLock" on Karabiner.
  6. (Optional, but useful for macbook keyboards lacking right control key): Activate Fn+Control_L to Control_R on Karabiner.

"XXX to Fn" doesn't work. What should I do?

"XXX to Fn" affects the following keys by default.

  • fn+cursor (home, end, page up, page down)
  • fn+delete (forward delete)
  • fn+return (enter)
  • fn+jkl... (Keypad)

If you want to use Fn+F1,...,Fn+F12 as Function keys, activate "Fn+Functional Keys to F1..F12".

If you are using F1 - F12 as standard function keys, activate "Fn+F1 to Brightness Down" instead.

"Fn to XXX" doesn't work on Logitech keyboard. What should I do?

It's known that fn key on some Logitech keyboards does not generate key events.
(fn key is completely sealed into hardware.)

Please confirm whether event viewer reacts with pressing fn key.

If fn key events are shown, we can change fn key.
But if not, unfortunately, Karabiner cannot change fn key on your Logitech keyboard.

Eject key can not be changed properly. What should I do?

You need to use NoEjectDelay together.

I've changed eject key to forward delete key. However, this key does not repeat. What should I do?

Unlike the other keys, eject key does not support key repeat.
Unfortunately we cannot add the key repeat feature for the eject key by the limit of the kernel of macOS.

All other keys support key repeat.
Please use "Shift_R to Forward Delete", "F12 to Forward Delete" or others if needed.

Can I change the behavior of the power button on MacBook?

Karabiner cannot change the power button behavior because there is not stable way to do it.

I dropped something on my keyboard that caused the shift key to be held down permanently due to physical damage. What should I do?

In this case, macOS will be Safe Mode at boot.
You need to boot macOS as normal mode because Karabiner does not work in Safe Mode.

  1. Hold control key at boot to avoid Safe Mode.
  2. Then, enable "Disable Shift_L" or "Disable Shift_R" on Karabiner Preferences.

An alternative

You can also avoid Safe Mode by setting a firmware password.

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